Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hi. This blog is devoted to my books, especially those published in electronic form by Dimetrodon Media Arts. Here is a list of the titles available to date.

1001 Nights & Other Short Stories

This book includes the title story plus 'Five Vignettes' and 'Seaside Psalm'.

News from Taiwan
Includes photography from Alton's Images and previews of other titles.

I'm also the editor for this volume of poems by Hope Sigler:

So Here Before

Contractual obligations make it difficult for me to share links to any one bookseller, but you are invited to explore the options.

Please download e-books in the mobi format for Amazon readers and epub format for most other popular readers, including Nook, Scribd, Google, and Apple readers. The e-books are also available in Adobe pdf format.

Meanwhile, we can stay in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your kind interest!